Meet the Grimm Family of Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Rubin Steel Company is locally owned with a rich history and a solid reputation for outstanding customer service and quality products. We're a steel distributor in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that sells new and used steel, and we also recycle and pay for used or surplus steel.

A Long History of Innovation

We're a local business with a long history of innovation and exceptional quality. Frank Rubin gave the company its name in 1942 when the business moved to its current location. The company soon developed a reputation for re-purposing used steel products and scrap metal long before it was even called "recycling." We stay current on industry trends and advances in technology to ensure that we're offering the best possible value to customers.

A Perfect Match with Full Circle

Our new owners are in sync with our approach to doing business. The family behind Full Circle Recycling has been in the recycling business for more than half a century. Originally an auto parts dealer, in 2002 the company shifted to scrap metal recycling exclusively. As part of the Full Circle family, we're able to provide greater access to custom-sized new and used steel and other commercial metal products.

Small Business Values

Full Circle Recycling shares the same small-business values that have made us a trusted name in metal recycling and sales. These values are reflected in our fair pricing, attentive customer service and quality products and services.
Rubin Steel Company has been serving the Lancaster area since 1914. Full Circle Recycling is also a business that prides itself on its family atmosphere and local roots as well as its dedicated employees who are committed to customer satisfaction. Contact us today for more information or visit us in person!